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You have reached the hompage of Bill Stagg. This page has been designed to keep an up to date reference of my work. It also contains all of the work that I am qualified to do. You will find a highlight of my completed work in the "Portfolio" section. The "Resume" section contains information relating to all of my qualifications. In the "Projects" section you will find information on the companies that I am currently involved with. Please refer to the "Contact Me" section if you wish to get in touch with myself for any reason. I am always looking for more work. Please navigate your way through this website to find out more about my qualifications.




October 11, 2006
Resume has been updated. 

June 29, 2005
It has been a very busy month!  The RemoteTech S2 server is almost ready to go live.  It will be running Apache to support RemoteTech and Sportclix / Your Site Clix.  It will also be the home of RemoteTech's PBX system.  This system will be RemoteTech's main provider of VoIP.   You can find out more about these services at 

May 23, 2005
Another huge update. I have placed sections on this site again. I have also updated my portfolio extensively. Projects has also been updated. I am in the process of developing a Flash page for this site. I've been experimenting with the layout a lot and have decided to go with an Art Deco look. I've never seen an Art Deco inspired website, so I have a feeling that it should look interesting B.S. :)

April 20th, 2004 is currently looking investors investers. Please e-mail me at if you are in anyway interested.

April 19th, 2004
After a while, has been updated. I added a few more websites that I have completed.

Oct. 28th, 2003 will be having a test run between November 17 and November 30. E-mail me if you are interested in being a test customer. Each test customer will require 15-45 minutes of time.